I am Elizabeth Turner but most of my friends call me Liz. I grew up in a small town in Kentucky known as Versailles. My parents are divorced and I live with my mom. I'm really into alternative, punk, metal, and basically every style of rock there is. Music inspires my writing and it is a huge part of my life. Green Day ios my favorite band and I truly look to them for inspiration.


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I sit perched upon a place I could fall,
below me my fears rest, there they lay, all.
But yet I am brave, not worried a bit.... more »


Real love and teen love are the same thing,
the only true difference is real love wears a ring.
Love is said to last forever,... more »

I Felt Love

The first time I ever looked into your beautiful sparkling blue eyes, I felt love.
The first time you told me a humorous joke, I laughed and felt love.... more »

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Caren Srolovitz 07 Apr 2013 01:39
I just want to let you know that I am using your poem Accused in a unit on racism with my 11th grade class.