• Accused

    I stand accused for being a minority.

    I stand accused for being an outcast.... more »

  • Beauty

    The ocean is a beautiful sparkling field of blue that stretches for eternity. The line between the ocean and the sky is a distinct beauty that is breathtaking. The human eye craves to stare out beyond the vast seas but yet its so far and mysterious.... more »

  • Betrayal

    You have betray me and left me alone,
    Never again shall I fall into your zone.

    Your zone of love and friendship,... more »

  • Brighter Than All The Stars In The Sky

    Love is like a dream,
    a great figment of the mind to say the least.
    When love falls apart it makes me wish to scream,
    but when you are with your partner you feel happier than you are at a Thanksgiving feast.... more »

  • Chuck's

    I stared down at my wonderful shoes,
    now beat up but once new.

    I thought of the time they'd spent on my feet,... more »

  • Danger

    I sit perched upon a place I could fall,
    below me my fears rest, there they lay, all.
    But yet I am brave, not worried a bit.... more »

  • Fate Has Made My Heart Sing With Joy

    My shoulders are finally relieved of this stress,
    I've finally gained the best.
    This love I had forced upon myself was not meant to last,... more »

  • Forgiveness

    Love is back again,
    I knew it wasn't the end.
    When you said goodbye,... more »

  • I Felt Love

    The first time I ever looked into your beautiful sparkling blue eyes, I felt love.
    The first time you told me a humorous joke, I laughed and felt love.... more »

  • Life And Death

    Life is great.

    Life is depressing... more »

  • Mixed Up

    One loves me yet I don't feel the same,
    it makes my head hang in shame.
    Because the one I love deny's me so,... more »

  • Murky Waters Of Sadness

    You put a smile upon your dace to cover what you truly feel deep inside,
    As if you were in murky water attempting to hide.

    But yet I can tell you are truly upset,... more »

  • Music

    The sound of the heartbeat of life, so loud and bold,
    is the sound of a beating drum, trimmed with gold.
    The sound of an alarm so clear and alert,... more »

  • One Moment In The Land Of Peace

    I sit alone in peace surrounded by grass and trees,
    away from civilization I feel relief.... more »

  • Rawr

    Real love and teen love are the same thing,
    the only true difference is real love wears a ring.
    Love is said to last forever,... more »

  • Razors Or Pens?

    If black was an emotion it would be sorrow and anger in a combo of one. LIke the feeling of my heart beat against my chest as thy blood pumps with rage.

    As one slits his wrists from depression, I take the other road. The road of courage to write this poem.... more »

  • Safety Alas

    You have rescued me from this pit of despair,
    you have saved me from the awful terror.
    I trust you now and I care for you so,... more »

  • The Guilt Of Nature

    Mountains of green beauty rise around me.
    Springs essence blooms from Earth's finest treasures.
    As I walk, streaks of thin green crunch beneath thy feet.... more »

  • The Lane Of Memories

    I looked down at my feet,
    I heard the pounding upon the blacktop,
    a gassy ball of fire beating on my back.... more »

  • Too Good To Be True

    Anytime I have a precious item in my grasp,
    I have a fear the whole thing could collapse.
    It's as if everything is too good to be true,... more »

  • Ungrateful

    It's amazing how you don't realize how much you have until you lose it.
    We have so much to be eternally grateful for but we never seem to use it.
    Life has many great pleasures,... more »

  • Us

    baby,... more »