Elizabeth Valerie Wyler Biography

E. V. " Beth" Wyler is a klutz, who spends too much time in the E.R. When she's not getting patched up with stitches, staples and Band-Aids, E. V. plays with words because she's not bright enough to play with numbers. E. V.’s beloved cat, Delia, is her Editor-In-Chief, often snuggling beside her as she writes. E. V.’s poetry has appeared in: The Eclectic Muse: A Poetry Journal, Feelings of the Heart, The Lyric, Nuthouse Magazine, The Pink Chameleon, The Poet's Haven, The Rotary Dial, Society of Classical Poets, The Storyteller, Vox Poetica, WestWard Quarterly, and on the website of USA Patriotism! Delia and E. V. both thank you for reading E. V.’s poetry.