• Absent And Numb

    My mind is full my empty heart so lost
    Holding onto driftwood on the ocean being tossed
    Cant focus during the day at night I cant get sleep
    There was a time when my heart I let you keep... more »

  • Addicted

    Addicted to your breath hot on my neck
    Addicted to how you make me feel like a wreck
    Addicted to the way you make me crave more
    Addicted to you slamming me up against a door... more »

  • Afternoon Sky

    I dream of a sky pink, orange and blue
    hughes of purple are scattered there too.
    Each color softly fades as the night starts to invade
    but until this lovely site is through... more »

  • An Unheard Cry

    Your love is indeed perfect, perfectly refined
    such a love anyone would desire as I do for mine.
    Closely I follow your lead hoping my life will turn around
    yet I miss your footprints and stumble and fall down.... more »

  • B.M.H

    You are always near when I fall to the ground.
    Your arm is out for me to grab when I've fallen down.
    All the encouraging words all the helpful advice,
    I cant describe you in just a word.... more »

  • Birds

    Birds singing in the trees
    They sing a song just for me
    Outside my window way up high
    Across the sky they now will fly... more »

  • Burned Bridge

    forget me, walk away
    you knew I'd never stay
    near your drama and complex style
    it's hardly worth my while... more »

  • Captivation

    Of all the shimmering pools and celestial skies
    the ones I love most I see in your eyes.
    Your touch smoother than the water flowing over my skin
    Your soft whisper in my ear and I let my new life begin.... more »

  • Child Of Christ

    I looked out the window through the fog; I saw a few chickens, a lady with her dog
    and the peace I’ve been missing came over my soul I felt warm and calm as I prayed and let go.
    Chaos was reining my life for too long, I had no inner strength I had lost my song
    but now I know where I stand and I know who I am, I’m a child saved by the savior and I’m glad I can... more »

  • D.S

    I'm watching you from off away
    though no words i think to say
    one of these days ill get the guts
    to pick myself out of the ruts... more »

  • Dark Thoughts

    Anger and hate build up inside,
    emotions are rampant and hot like a fire,
    pressure too strong to hold back on my own,
    it's too late its already shown,... more »

  • Deanna My Dear, You'Re Gone

    So accidental that once alive then is dead,
    You lie sweetly sleeping in your own bed.
    Dreaming maybe, breathing just a hint,
    You thought I was beautiful, in my eyes... more »

  • Depression

    I wanted to talk, but no one's around
    I'm trying to think but my head's too loud
    I'ts drowning out the little good that I posess
    I wish for once I could just rest... more »

  • Do You Even Care?

    Feels like termites eating away at my life
    Everyday I’m drifting further away
    Would you even care if we said goodbye?
    Love said so often no meaning behind the words... more »

  • Eternally Yours

    Forever and always, always and a day,
    until every hair on my head turns grey.
    Wherever you go and whatever you do,
    I hope you always know that baby I love you.... more »

  • Fight For Flight

    Paradise has fallen, it crashed on my head
    feelings like this make me wish I were dead.
    My heart is torn my soul is lost.
    Like a broken ship on stormy waves I'm being tossed... more »

  • Finding Closure

    Heaven's gates had opened and I saw light shining through,
    I had looked for so long not realizing it was you
    now knowing Heaven is real and I've tasted of its bliss
    everyday I'll go on knowing what I'll miss... more »

  • Forever A Friend

    If ever I was welcome I knew it was by you
    Forgiven and forgotten that’s how you live each day
    And told me the same to do
    Friendship without boundaries your eyes locked in my heart... more »

  • Great Expanse

    An open expanse in front of my eyes
    you can't imagine this great a surprise
    it opens up all barriers released
    lots of sagebrush lots of peace... more »

  • High School Mind Games

    A thousand miles apart
    my voice you've already easily forgot
    marriage love even kids i heard
    all these words and ideas are absurd... more »

  • How Friends Should Be

    Friends are people I need around
    They keep me sane they keep me sound
    They listen when I talk, they hear what I say
    They’re always there if life doesn’t go my way... more »

  • How I Like It

    Rough me up, toss me around
    get aggressive push me down
    hold me tightly and make me giggle
    touch me all over make me wiggle... more »

  • I Can'T Stay

    Out in the bed of our truck with a six pack pen and paper in my hand
    trying to tell you what went wrong The best way for you to understand
    my bags are packed up at the door and the babysitters on the way
    I didn’t want it to end like this but I know that I can’t stay... more »

  • I Love You So Sincerely

    As the dew lingers on every blade of grass, so do you linger in my every thought.
    Even when I'm freezing cold you can warm me so I'm hot.
    With every soft and gentle touch you evoke in me wonder and love.
    If I listed all the reasons I love you I'd run out of stars above.... more »

  • I Want To Be A Faerie

    O if i could travel into this fairyland
    where cares dont exist and you have power in you hand
    to make a sunrise in teh sky and flowers bloom here below
    you could reap fun and laughter without ever having to sow.... more »