Elizabeth Wilson Quotes

He took control of me for forty-five minutes. This time I'll have control over him for the rest of his life. If he gets out fifteen years from now, I'll know. I'll check on him every three months through police computers. If he makes one mistake he's going down again. I'll make sure. I'm his worst enemy now.
Elizabeth Wilson, U.S. crime victim. As quoted in People magazine, p. 88 (May 31, 1993). Wilson was raped for forty-five minutes at knifepoint by a night-time intruder in her apartment. Joel Valdez confessed to the crime, but initially, a grand jury refused to indict him because he had donned a condom after Wilson, fearful of AIDS, begged him to do so; the grand jury saw this request as implying consent. After pressure from Wilson and women's groups, a second grand jury was empaneled and indicted Valdez. He was found guilty and was sentenced to forty years in prison.
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