• Abandoned Bliss

    Secretly she craved for abandoned bliss,
    Dreams beyond her sight full glimpse,
    Of eternal hours of sacred care,
    Glory filled long lasting times, ,... more »

  • After Sunset

    The sun is down long past,
    Now I walk in the dark,
    I missed the sunset in the calm evening hour,
    Missed the azure glory of the horizon afar.... more »

  • Blue Bird

    Sitting by the window on a road side inn
    I chanced watching a little blue bird sing
    On a sultry day with no breeze to set leaves sway
    No mortal being trading along the dusty way.... more »

  • Breeze

    I felt the breeze kiss me in an ideal mood
    Unlifted embrace that braced my soul so full
    Forbearance and calm melting the frosty rime
    That shrouded my gaze from magnificent delight... more »

  • Childhood

    Life blossoms and it's childhood years they say,
    So mild and vulnerable little ones when they smile in gay.
    Knowing no worries, crying aloud, faltering at first steps,
    Holding on to the finger tips walking in shaky gait.... more »

  • Disguised Love

    So many hours of life and love
    So many days of splendid trust
    So many moments of unsopken words
    So many shades of laughter and mirth... more »

  • Dream

    She dreamed of paradise,
    She dreamed of world full of butterflies,
    Slipping off to sleep every now and then,
    She slept to dream of paradise....... more »

  • Drops And Smiles

    Tender bloom in swamp she grew,
    Once tear drops rolled down her brow,
    Strolling down His usual lane,
    Lord He noticed the pearl drop in vain,... more »

  • Eos

    O morning here thou come, bathed in white, magic begun
    Divine light set on earth, beautifying the day’s full worth
    Glorious Sun thou art the source, warmth and light in full compose
    Merry filled air it scent, in Nature’s pure budding best... more »

  • Eternal Bliss

    Pleasant presence she could smell from afar
    When soft breeze purred caressing the scars
    It was a scent so very known
    Fond remembrance of days strewn in gold... more »

  • Halloween

    An erieee night when spirits all walk alive
    Attired in best while live they dress in fancied fest
    Old and new blend in flamboyant zeal
    And world unknown awake from their long dream.... more »

  • Life

    It's strange but true,
    Life you move on all through
    Alone at your own pace.
    Not caring who falls behind... more »

  • Lost Without You

    I do not know why I love you,
    The look in your eyes, or glow of your face,
    That draws me to you..
    I do not know why I love you! !... more »

  • Nevertheless

    Nevertheless, she cried,
    Her eyes filled with innate love,
    Her heart full of hope,
    That some day she could freely uncurl.... more »

  • On The Way

    While walking along the lonely woods
    I chanced a meeting with the Duke,
    Tall and dark, in woody mask,
    Stood he above all the club.... more »

  • One Love

    If only dreams would have been mine,
    Broken pieces turned whole again,
    There beyond the yonder shores,
    Once again you stood by thine...... more »

  • Passions Promise

    Once more the waxing moon doth shine
    Glimpsing all through inward eye
    Glowing crescent against the darkening sky,
    Once more the waxing moon doth shine!... more »

  • Rains

    I woke to the sounds of morning rain
    Falling over my window pane.
    Waking to the sounds of roaring clouds,
    That shuddered all earth, trees in clout,... more »

  • Reminisce

    I don't have to love you any more,
    Like seasons this time stood to door,
    Fly away in whiskers into another world,
    No it's not mine, I now should understand.... more »

  • Rose

    Rose, O’ the beautiful One-
    Divine and true thou reside embraced by thrones
    Among the bushes thou light up the shire
    Kissed by the dew in velvety attire... more »

  • Serendipity

    You fill up my life, you fill up my day,
    You fill up my life every way.
    Like bunch of white lilies smiling in warm sunshine,
    You fill up my world with your coy smiles.... more »

  • Shore

    Because I fancy the endless shore
    Running good miles kissing the sky at times
    Eternal beauty strike its face, glory defined
    Moments dwell, there in her arms the pebbles... more »

  • Silent Drops

    All night it rained
    It rained indeed hard
    In my sleep I still could hear the drops... more »

  • Silent String

    Unstrung cord lie silent here
    Though thousand noise fill the air
    The music once vibrant and young
    That filled all hearts with sweet lingering tunes... more »

  • Song

    I hear some music from a far off land,
    Distant voices in chorus sing song,
    Oh! The symphony resonates through air,
    Sweet melody play so fair.... more »