• Filled With A Predilection.

    Even now as my words fall onto paper
    My hand, tracing the length of such great expanse,
    Finds solace in this expression.
    Declaring things I am oft to know not of.... more »

  • New And Untitled

    Today the wind panted with a trace of my name.
    How was I to ignore this beckoning force,
    whose fabric was the structure of my very first breath?... more »

  • Rendezvous.

    Could you sense me coming
    like dew drops on the wild rose
    fragrant, moist, omniscient... more »

  • Stasis And Change.

    Life- the reconstructed revision.
    We are ever changing, My Love.
    And, yet!
    This heart of mine.... more »

  • The Opposing Lined Canvas

    There is a tenuous line etched between my brow now

    A seam dividing two hemispheres lives... more »