• Angel And The Sprite

    The Angel loves the Sprite forever.
    Is what you would love to say.
    Even though we werent always together.
    We never thought to stray.... more »

  • Beauty

    Eyes that sparkle like the sun
    But I can't tell what color they are
    Smile that lights up with fun
    But is hidden in the dark... more »

  • Changed.

    Cowboy boots for christmas
    New shoes for birthdays.
    You could never afford
    anything anymore... more »

  • Cheating The World

    Wasting away the day.
    On something you cant play.
    Knowing that you'll lose.
    With nothing left to choose.... more »

  • Confusion

    You slashed up those seats like your slashed up dreams.
    With your painted on smile.
    And your happy beam.
    You dont talk alot, but when you do.... more »

  • Dakota

    A good friend.
    But you're hard to read.
    You're quiet.
    But there when someones in need.... more »

  • Depression

    I let everyone go.
    Everyones let down.
    I gave up on the world.
    And they never came back around.... more »

  • Desperately Lonely

    Before I would cry.
    And pray I would die.
    Because I got ignored everyday.
    At least I had the people.... more »

  • Falsehood

    You can tell when its a fake author.
    When they're making up the lives.
    When they're making up the lies.
    When they're rehearsing what comes outta their mouth.... more »

  • Get Away

    Hazy dazy dizzy spinning
    high dry fly away pretty
    get away get away
    as fast as you can... more »

  • Graffiti

    They look at it as vandilism
    Then they must have an aneyursm
    The talent the shades
    of the colors that fade... more »

  • Gun Violence

    Watch the news.
    But I want to snooze.
    Hear the violence.
    I want silence.... more »

  • Heart Aches

    Living in the moment.
    Cant think about that time.
    You said you didnt love me as much.
    I never thought you'd make me cry.... more »

  • Hidden Pain

    Do you get your kicks from calling me names.
    Does it make you feel good to make me feel shame.
    I dont talk alot, but when I do.
    I get shut down and yelled at too.... more »

  • I Know Its All You Have

    I saw you and I knew, that you were a street kid.
    Always hungry and alone you're not a weak kid.
    Strong from the start. But you have a good heart.
    You are misunderstood.... more »

  • Independence

    Wasting away the day.
    On something you cant play.
    Knowing that you'll lose.
    With nothing left to choose.... more »

  • Its Me

    My face tells the story
    my mind tells the fame
    My hands tell the struggle
    MY body tells the game... more »

  • Keep It To Yourself (No Problems)

    Im walking down the hall.
    I see you in blue.
    You look away, when you know im talking to you.
    you used to be that way.... more »

  • Life

    Everydays a poem.
    Everydays a rhyme.
    Everydays a novel.
    But I dont have the time.... more »

  • Love And Hate

    Hates a strong word
    say strongly dislike
    Loves a strong word
    But it rolls like dice... more »

  • Mark

    I know you're gonna be reading this
    And expecting it to be good
    I know you're gonna be repeating this
    To me.....like you should... more »

  • My Friends

    You might call them the wrong crowd.
    But I know they are true.
    They hear what you say.
    But they wont listen to you.... more »

  • Physical

    Hidden from the world
    your bruises and your pain
    hidden from the world
    your hate and all that shame... more »

  • Rj

    You should be thankful.
    You should be kind.
    You should remember.
    All he left behind.... more »

  • Shame City

    Covered with poverty.
    Lock your doors.
    Block out the screams.
    Clear the floors.... more »