• But I Will Let It Not

    I have a frown that wants to smile,
    Tears that want to stop,
    A body that wants to warm up,
    A heart that wants to beat.... more »

  • Caged Yellow Bird

    Oh little yellow bird,
    Trapped in this brass cage.

    Sitting on your little plastic branch,... more »

  • Crying And Screaming

    No matter how much my soul screams
    No matter how much it cries
    Nobody will hear it
    No matter how much it cries for help... more »

  • Emo

    People that are Lost
    People that lost all light
    They are consumed in darkness
    Left with inedible scars in their hearts... more »

  • Girl With Golden Eyes

    The girl with golden eyes
    Beautiful luscious eyes, smooth silky hair, soft lips
    Her voice as sweet as a bird singing
    She fills you with lust and desires... more »

  • Hearts

    To every heart there is light and dark
    There is even some light in the lightest hearts
    There is even some darkness in the brightest hearts
    To every heart there is some light and dark... more »

  • Home

    A place to myself
    A place away from life
    A place away where I can be alone
    And place away from stress and tension... more »

  • Ignored

    Getting the feeling you don’t even exist
    Getting the feeling that people don’t care
    Getting the feeling your invisible
    People look at you see right through you... more »

  • Life

    Is full of different feelings and experiences
    Full of different injuries that can be healed
    And others that cannot be healed... more »

  • Pain

    Pain over here pain over there
    Pain in my heart pain in my soul
    Pain in my mind... more »

  • Remember The Days

    The only name calling we knew were shortie or booger eater.
    When we only wore skirts to look cute and not to pick up boys.
    When we thought kissing was icky.
    When we thought girls and boys would give us cooties.... more »

  • Right Now

    Look to your left
    Look to your right
    See all the shit that is happening tonight
    See a man in a hospital with cancer fighting everyday... more »

  • The Emotions From The Sky

    As I sit here on the grass on this warm sunny day
    I look up at the great big warm sky
    I ask myself, “What do I see when I look up? ”
    I answered to myself, “I see warmth, happiness, love, and a place where I can be accepted... more »

  • Untitled

    I walk down this dark, moonlit road alone.
    Feeling like a hollow, empty corpse.
    My heart heavy with grief and sorrow.... more »

  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day
    The day for love
    The day for roses and chocolates
    The day for hearts and cards... more »