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That Which Is Forbidden From The View Of An Insomniac

In the dark hours, my head over sized and thick
thinking my neck would be crushed under its weight I dared not
a glance behind me, afraid I'd hear the snap and then... more »

Calm In A Box

Calm in a Box

11: 59 the black steams in a cup on the stand beside me from a box labeled 'CALM' in large letters and I can only hope that the blend of the black will do the trick:... more »

The Bath

Unworthy of my time or my glance
My hands plunged beneath the water
felt the coolness turn to ice and my skin began to sting
Washed myself of you and your foolish games... more »

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Linda Preston 18 Jul 2005 11:04
Eloisa, has great story telling potential.