• A Sons Prayer

    This day I come;
    I come to you in realization
    That I am a mere nothing
    Just a figment of your imagination.... more »

  • Beeping Noises

    I hear beeping noises
    Ringing loud through the night
    Can't sleep! Can't think!
    Can't move!... more »

  • I Sit Still As The Sunset

    I sit still as the sun sat
    on the concave hill on the beach.
    I hear the calm waves crashing against the sandy rocks.... more »

  • Life Unrecognized

    Living to live or die
    Circumstances foretells.
    It speaks of abundant living
    Seeking after that which is good... more »

  • Lifes Journey

    As I embark on life's journey
    Things seems not what they are
    It's as though metaphorically
    Things changed.... more »

  • My Heart Bellows

    My heart bellows.
    Seeking, wondering, chivering
    Seems so undetermined.
    I am lost deep in an abiss,... more »

  • On The Pair

    I hear the sounds of chatter,
    Swaying through the moonlight.
    I hear the sounds of 'wanna be'
    fisher men casting their rods.... more »

  • Sickness

    What is It?
    Just a figment of one’s imagination
    Conjured up by old wiles fables.
    Or is it mere impressions of the devils handy work.... more »

  • The Ending

    Some say the end is near,
    Even though it seems so unclear what’s lifes’ rewards.
    Laid before us like a five course meal platter
    With choices of delicacies known and unknown.... more »

  • The Pursuit Of Happiness

    As I traverse
    On life's lonely road
    I hear whispers, I feel pain, I feel joy
    Trouble buffets me... more »

  • The Red Vase

    Top curves surround by
    Basic figurines of a
    Gigantic round base.
    Standing tall... more »

  • The Unknown

    days on nights dawning hour.
    your irrifutible soft voice
    i hear.
    trying to put a face to the words... more »

  • The Wind

    The sound of whispers,
    Branches swaying to a beat
    As she tantalizingly send its signals.... more »

  • Times Change

    Times have change and
    We've all grown up.
    Seems like yesterday
    I confess my love.... more »

  • Unforgivable Blackness

    Don't hate me because
    The sun has shown its favor towards me.
    Or make me inferior or predispose,
    Sending me into the dark, my abyss... more »

  • Virgin Daughter

    Thou are more precious than rubies, diamonds.
    Thy heart is not perverse with fiery drift,
    Nor thy lips speak of guile and destructions.
    For thou knowest the cost of this divine gift.... more »

  • When Times Get Bad

    You feel life got you against the ropes.
    No were else to go but, down.
    You feel like tortured souls torment you each day.
    Your body and mind is betwixt over power of will.... more »

  • Why Calle Me

    As the dawn on night struck
    It seems like everlasting glazed
    Back and forth
    Continuing to move in the glaze... more »