• A Force

    Change comes uninvited
    By force
    Or unwelcomed... more »

  • A Heavy Harvest

    How could I not grow weary?

    I see your hands
    How they have aged... more »

  • A Little Less Of Me

    Seems I go blinder everyday
    And every day I become less of a writing man
    Who knows what’s going on?... more »

  • A New Poem

    The profound abysmal depths
    Where I reconcile
    Is birth-giving to this adore
    Surely it keeps me existent... more »

  • Elevator

    Send us from the skies
    A fistful of freedom
    Send us truth... more »

  • Erosion

    Perhaps to the apple we are gods
    Maybe ants climb the walls and wonder how we fly about

    If plants have parties when we sleep
    Who invites the fruit?... more »

  • Fleeing Glance

    Everyday a blank page asks
    What do you have to say?

    How should I answer?... more »

  • For Your Being

    Between a rose and a treasure box
    From the window of that shop, I chose you

    But of all I have and all I need... more »

  • In A World Of Poems And Regrets

    I heard the poets
    How they spoke
    “Don’t leave me, ” they said—
    “We’re going home now.”... more »

  • Inheritance

    So far the world I have inherited
    Is plagued with murder and disease
    Youth dying at daybreak
    And old men who are kept in a box... more »

  • Mc Squared

    I used to crowd the street with words
    Stepped all over songs left to rot away
    Held to something
    Someone took with them... more »

  • Not Much A Poet

    So poets came and went
    Singing songs and writing of girls loved
    And I remained amongst them
    Watching them love... more »

  • Oragami

    When it went away
    I folded-
    Into the shape of a rock
    Or something of equal feel... more »

  • Paper Plains

    Where are you now
    somehow my dreams are real
    and in the world of logic
    stats and mathematics... more »

  • Poem 156

    I love you when you are in a quiet stare
    Away from me—
    When I whisper, ‘I love you’
    And my words do not reach you... more »

  • Relentlessly

    The hands on the clock move so fast
    They do not seem like hands at all
    They’re like feet that walk in circles
    For so long that things change... more »

  • Selling The Guitar

    The old strings of this guitar
    they argue with my fingers

    Perhaps the E string... more »

  • The Girls Fellow Poets Have Loved

    All of us poets (if you will)
    Write about certain girls
    And of all the girls we meet
    Only of them we wish to go on writing... more »

  • The Musician

    The piano came to me
    It could not find the right key
    Apparently it was looking for a door... more »

  • The Nobel Prize

    'What a stupid man'—said those who were wise
    Those who dominated math
    And perfected every language
    'How useless, ' they said as they marched away... more »

  • The Painter

    I envy the painters
    Those that create mountains
    And dispose of grief with subtle beauty... more »

  • Things Of Existence

    You will never touch my love
    Because like a stone, It cannot be tossed
    Nor turned under circumstance... more »

  • Worldly Possesion

    Compare the mountain of my love to Everest
    Seemingly, a lessened mountain it would be
    It does not touch the heavens like I... more »