EP Elysia Palmer 4/22/90

I am a small town girl who's views aren't openly agreed with. I was born in Warren, Ohio on April 22 1990. I have been writing for practically all my life. Writing has been my way to get my feeling apart from my head. It has only been resently that my writing has gone public. I write about life and death, pain nd happiness, willingness to survive and the lust to die. I haven't ever really cared what people thought about me or my writing, but I deciced it is time to put my writing on the line. I want to see what people think about what I have to say, and what I believe.
Also for persnoal reasons I must say that none of my poetry or my stories are neither a cry for help nor a hint to deeper meaning. They are just simply what comes in to my head and how I vent my feelings. I'm in no way suicidal or depressed. I'm just a wee bit twisted, hahaha. Thank you and enjoy reading. :)



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