I am a human being. Funny, kind & friendly. I am Arabian so yes i speak arabic, English is my second language. I write English poetry.I'm still an ammature in writing, but i do consider myself gifted. So i make sure not to waste what God gave me. Still young with a pure heart hoping that my passion and determination will take me to where i want to be & the person i desire to be.. Ameen to that..


Eman Hussain Poems

Snap Shots

Ever had a moment of real fun?
Playing with water guns under the sun
Or hop like a bouncing ball while screaming
Just to tease others, enjoying the feeling... more »

The Peaceful Warrior

I feel I am bigger, bigger than an oak tree
So powerful that I can walk against the flow
OH my soul, my dazzling soul is just so free
Faith and hope keeps my heart beating to glow... more »

The Line

The Clock keeps ticking, ticking and ticking
I became blank, while the candle is flicking
In silence I waft away and with it I blend
Mind is crystal clear, nothing inside to wend... more »

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