• 2 Die 4

    Why would you die for the stars and stripes,
    When poverty leaves you with scars for life,
    Heartache makes it to hard to fight,
    Killin' each other over cars and ice,... more »

  • Lost

    It used to be LUV,
    I could tell you what happened,
    Too many fights just 'cause,
    And non-meaningful laughter,... more »

  • Love

    Cocaine, Dope, Heroin, Alcohol/
    Ne-thing that'll take you away,
    See I belieave she LOVEs' me,... more »

  • Love Is Blind

    They say LOVE is blind,
    But thant can't be true,
    'Cause when I think of LOVE,
    All I see is you,... more »

  • Melody Of Despair

    I have enchanted memories of lost thoughts,
    Inplanted in my cementary of BrokenHearts,
    Blured visions of a naked dream,
    A naked dream never to be seen,... more »

  • Racism

    Matrin Luther King Jr. had a dream he said,
    That white's and black's would all hold hands,
    But that white man had a bullet for Martin's head,
    Distroyed his whole plan,... more »

  • Should I...

    Now-a-days I don't know which way to go,
    Confused by this fork at the end of the road,
    Because it's to late to go strait,
    Left ain't right and right hurts too much,... more »

  • Tired Of Being Lonely

    Tired of living in this homeless house,
    Sitting in this empty chair,
    Breathing this lonely air,
    Accompanied with these dreadful tears,... more »

  • Unattainable

    All I can do is dream....
    Of a paradise where there's just you and me,
    No him or her,
    Revealing my feelings would mean,... more »

  • Venny

    I hear your voice in my poetry,
    Going through withdrawals,
    See you was like dope to me,
    You made me high,... more »