• At Crescent Beach...

    Foam edged scallops pattern the sand
    As the sea comes to meet the land,
    Not with a rush of waves on the lee
    But quiet and silver...so restful to see.... more »

  • It's Time For &Quot;Thanksgiving!&Quot;

    It's time for "Fall,s" approaching, and leaves have fallen low,
    Making a "Rust Colored Carpet", on all the lawns below.
    It's time to reap the harvest of lost of food to ear,
    When ground is bare and frozen, we all have such a treat to have "Fruits of our Labor", and other foods for health.... more »

  • On An Island Fair...

    Sun making sparkling diamonds on ripples of the sea
    As it rushes making soothing sounds, while breaking on the lea.
    Seagulls resting on a rock like white patterns of a quilt,
    While Orca whales go "blowing" by, and boaters should feel guilt... more »

  • The Old Buckley House (Built In 1879)

    I love you old house, I can't say just why ...
    So snug on the knoll, outlined 'gainst the sky.

    The charm of you shape, the old lovely trees,... more »