• Another Piece Of My Mind

    Far away from all the beautiful lands and seas, all the fresh air and the clean streets, lived a boy who had seen too much, felt too much and saw too much that disturbed and tumbled bad memories and all this made him more fragile, all this made him feel like he didn't belong anywhere.... more »

  • Buried

    Calm down, don't tremble your story
    recover your gangly body,
    tell me all about your troubled sleep.
    You say this man had no face,... more »

  • Chained To Feelings.

    Sitting in this familiar place
    it does not feel at all that familiar,
    Because I am with comfortable company
    because at the same time I am not with you,... more »

  • Darkness

    Dark days are coming
    dark clouds approaching
    the winds fighting the trees
    the sky crying... more »

  • Deep In It

    Salute the dark sun,
    and all the dead people around you.
    They do not see, they do not hear
    they only feed on your fears.... more »

  • Foggy

    A cigarette in my mouth,
    closed eyes, thoughts vivid and wild,
    the distant memory of your sweet smile
    I managed to trap your scent in my heart... more »

  • Funny Mind, Funny Soul.

    I want to untwine
    my youthful body aches
    more pills make it go away
    it's mind blowing... more »

  • I Dare You

    Open my mind,
    take the chains away,
    I need to be released from your spell.... more »

  • Metro

    On the metro, sad masses sitting down
    on the street, in this restless town
    does nobody have a dream that came true?... more »

  • One

    One can be alive
    one can be dead
    one can be here
    one can be there... more »

  • Play Pretend

    Once upon a time, lived a girl made of glass.
    She was fragile, but seemed tall and strong.
    She painted her crystal body so people could forget she was transparent. She learned magic and kept her company well entertained.... more »

  • Shaky Days

    It's that time of day again
    I don't know what to do with myself
    My face hot and tired,
    I haven't even tried to find a mirror... more »

  • Shrinking Space

    When the space around you feels empty,
    you look around, and you're alone
    you'll think about me
    but you can't have me... more »

  • Strange Silence

    Stressed out every day
    memories won't fade away
    sometimes they creep up
    and no help will turn up... more »

  • Undefined Girl

    Oh girl of mine,
    you're self destructive
    you don't seem to mind,
    everything you dreamed of was in your hands... more »

  • Unfriendly Dreams

    I am blocked
    my honest promises
    forever now broken
    thinking furiously,... more »

  • Unknown

    It's all about the silence,
    and the guilt ringing in my ears.
    Insecurities drag me down,
    tasty sin, another breakdown.... more »