• A Day To Remember

    It was a clear, summer day
    And the most beautiful one of
    All her sisters before.... more »

  • An Advice

    Look into your hearts, O men,
    And count the good things
    You ever thought for your fellow beings.... more »

  • Another Day Without You

    To think how far
    You are from me
    Pains my heart like
    Nothing else in this world.... more »

  • Constant Strife

    My feelings are strange
    To my own heart.

    I ponder and ponder... more »

  • Destiny

    I gaze out of the window
    Yet I do not see anything.
    My eyes are flooded with
    Bitter tears of sorrow.... more »

  • Forgetting My Dream

    A beautiful dream you are,
    Yet I know not what to do.
    My heart is in a tumult.
    I die for an answer.... more »

  • Hope’s Words

    It seemed a day very pleasant
    So fine in weather, beautiful in shades
    Nothing seemed wrong
    Except for the pain in my heart... more »

  • I Don'T Care

    You think you hold
    the world in your hands.
    But all you are is
    A big nothing.... more »

  • I Love Him

    How could this be?
    What a sweet sensation can
    All of this be?... more »

  • I'M There

    Hey little one, I love you so
    There's something I'll tell you.

    When I look at you and... more »

  • Inner Reflections

    Never have I told myself
    Life is but milk and roses.
    I daren't dream... more »

  • Let Me Love You

    You keep my light burning bright
    Even in my darkest night.

    You have me safe in your arms,... more »

  • Life

    Welcome, my friend, to the world
    Of sorrow... more »

  • My Choice

    Sitting within the comforts
    My home offered me,
    I wondered if I really
    Ought to take this chance.... more »

  • My Fault, I Accept

    I accept it, my fault.
    I shouldn’t have
    Even let you
    Into my heart.... more »

  • My Perfect Dream

    Within the reach of my hands
    Lay the desire of my heart

    I was intoxicated by... more »

  • One More Chance

    One day in a year
    I met you and
    Then started my
    Never ending woes.... more »

  • One Single Chance

    Tell me, my beloved
    You’ll not give up on life.

    Tell me you’ll hope... more »

  • Please Do Understand

    Every day and night
    I know not peace.

    I find myself thinking of... more »

  • Regret

    I'm drenched by the rain,
    Yet I'm not cold.
    For I'm freezing inside
    Of my heart.... more »

  • Silence Is Beautiful

    A heart conceives
    What is right
    When all it hears
    Is the sound of the breeze.... more »

  • Still Waiting

    The night sky couldn’t be
    More beautiful than this.

    Innumerable stars glowed... more »

  • Thank You

    The thought of being useless
    Haunted me day and night.... more »

  • The Haze

    My sky was dark
    With no prospect of sunshine.

    Even starlight hid behind... more »

  • The Mirage

    I closed my eyes
    And my mind wandered.... more »