• Cold Relief

    The rain is soft and gentle
    Caressing my troubled face
    Bringing cold relief... more »

  • Gone

    My voice is gone
    Away on the
    Wind, that took me,
    Far away... more »

  • If Hope Is Needed

    If hope is all you need
    Take it,
    And share with others near
    Hold it against your heart... more »

  • Lost

    Lost on the wild wind
    The voices of the children
    Never to be heard... more »

  • The Amatuer

    Flowing down the page
    Running through the lines
    Fleeing from the cage
    Of syllables of five... more »

  • The Bright Spark

    Bright, sparkling, hopeful
    Laughter fills the room pushing,
    Away the darkness... more »

  • The Desert Plain

    The wind blew, like a breath
    Across the desert plain.
    The sweeping land, which never
    Felt the tender kiss of rain.... more »