Emily Mosley Biography

The names emily! ! First Of All, I D0N'T Like Drama; Second, If You Get Me Started, I Will End Uhp Punching You, In The Face :)
[$$$] I'll Let You Know, I Do What I Want When I Want It; I Get In Trouble A Lot, - I Speak My Mind, And Thats That! No One Can Change Me, Unless I've Fallen Too Hard!
I've Been Told i Start A Lot Of Crap, I Try To End It In The Best Ways Possible, But If That Dont Happen. Guess It's Done - You Can Like Me, You Can Hate Me, But Any Thing You Like Or Hate, Gets Around, &nd Makes Me Famous. So Keep Hattin' &nd Keep Dreamin'
I'm different than most girls, and definitely loud and outgoing. I love to be around my friends, and I like having a good time. I live life to the fullest. Remember the good and forget the bad. I don't like living in the past, and I let go of everything that hurts me. Everything I've been through has made me stronger. I Dont Care If You Like Me Or Not, Because Its Better To be Hateed For Who you Are, then Being Loved For Who Your NOT! (:
I'm so much more than what you're reading, so get to know me. I'm amazing (: