• A Letter To Depression

    Breathing isn’t easy when the world starts to collapse
    Falling down in pieces my broken life lands in my lap
    Unseeing, I stare into a mirror and wonder if I’m worth it
    Picking up the razor I pretend that I’m perfect... more »

  • Alcoholic Mommy

    Fragments of the world appear in a blur
    Alcohol seeps out of every sweaty pore
    Something screams, oh, its just my child
    Pour another drink and swallow the bile... more »

  • Anger Epidemic

    A yellow, metal sky, sketched with streaks of heaven
    Faded clouds, once white and bright, now drift by dull and jaded
    Steel mill flames illuminate the tarnished sky with rosy heat
    Embers die and simply lie, smoldering defeat... more »

  • Autumn's Last Stand

    The firey leaves
    grasp at the branches
    hoping they can last-
    one more hour, minute... more »

  • Beautiful Satiation

    We carefully search for beauty where beauty never stood
    I never did attain it, I knew I never could
    The simple shapes of earth cannot satiate my need
    I need true beauty; beauty like the world can never see... more »

  • Beauty

    A billion stars burning with a passionate flame
    Thousands of snowflakes, but none are the same
    Crashing ocean waves create a symphony of sound
    Swimming through the waters and crashing on the ground... more »

  • Between A Rock And A Mountain

    My heart is cold, this metal’s colder
    I was younger, but I felt older
    So much time, so little to do
    Now I'm stuck here, waiting for you... more »

  • Bipolar Dreams

    Hope in the future holds me just above the surface
    Yet sometimes it feels like having these dreams is so pointless
    I refuse to become just another isolated stereotype
    A pathetic girl who leans on the drugs you didn’t prescribe... more »

  • Breathing Vanity

    In vain I cut a vein hoping bleeding stops the breathing
    Breathing causes pain, a pain that I don’t feel receding
    A door that shatters dreams can silence screams from rising
    Fathers hurt their daughters just so they can keep them crying... more »

  • Bury The Corpse (Stifle The Scream)

    The silence- broken only
    by the sound of the shovels
    dividing the packed earth-
    overwhelms the men with... more »

  • Cemetary City

    The granite towers stand unmoving
    collecting dust, and dead flowers.
    Unfit markers of lost love, immeasurable lives
    simple summaries of complex hours.... more »

  • Cheat

    instant heat flushes, pale skin flashes
    red harnesses the anger and the temperature spikes
    infuriation at its best, i'm pissed and you know it
    she rubs it in my face, every flaw and mistake... more »

  • Composition 42

    I see you, across the room
    Haunted eyes catch mine
    And I can’t look past
    Fear, and pain, love and hate... more »

  • Condemnation Station

    From the moment I was born, I could feel the condemnation
    Weighted down, set apart, can’t you see my frustration?
    In a world of billions, why do I feel so forsaken?
    My identity is gone, along with all else that he has taken... more »

  • Crumbs Of An Addict

    White powder eats away every ounce of who you were
    The burning sensation drowns out your words
    Blood pours out crimson against cold, pallid skin
    You cannot resist, you inhale once again... more »

  • Curtained Eyes

    This fabric keeps the sunlight out
    And locks the darkness in
    It keeps our secrets deep inside
    And all our pain within... more »

  • Dawn's Battle

    Its five seconds to dawn and I cant wait
    The sky is turning crimson, and the autumn is late
    Its so still and quiet, not even god can breathe
    I am lurking in the shadows that no one else can see... more »

  • Dawn's Soul

    The sun rises, a new dawn on a clear, crisp day
    the dark night paved the landscape in a white washed spray
    clean slate and blank pages, the ground pure and snow white
    wash away the darkness, hills rise clean and bright.... more »

  • Death Of Grace

    Beautiful tears slip from graceful eyes
    A dancer in her soul, she lives in disguise
    Dreams echo in a heart that beats in deceit
    She throws her soul from the rooftop conceding defeat... more »

  • Elegant Falling

    The snow is reflected with elegant grace
    In your eyes and your hair gently falls in your face
    The small frozen crystals begin slowly to drift
    From the sky and I fall in your arms as I slip... more »

  • Empty Bottle

    This empty bottle is my home away from home
    A constant place of quiet where I know I can resolve
    The issues that plague me day to day
    I feel myself begin to slip slowly away…... more »

  • Goodbye

    I look at you glowing; smiling down at the bundle in your arms
    Radiating happiness in so many different forms
    I smile, automatic, trying to feel the things I know I should
    But recoiling inside, feeling hatred I never thought I could... more »

  • Hide And Seek

    In the eyes of a little girl, burns hatred deep and cold
    A fire made of ice, a heart made of stone
    Carved from the nothingness that has been her whole life
    She picks apart her father's wounds, the scars from her own knife... more »

  • Home

    Here on the edge of Heaven stands home
    Remembering the old laughs
    the old 'Be careful! '
    she'd say before I'd leave.... more »

  • I Hear My Father's Life Singing

    I hear the bars slam shut
    Iron molding into iron
    Black eyes that scream with anguish
    I hear my father’s love ringing and echoing…fading…... more »