• A Penny

    Today I picked a penny up off of the ground
    I just had to turn right around
    I went through the woods
    And went as fast as I could... more »

  • Alone

    Why I feel alone,
    In this hell of a world,
    I don't know.
    I have my friends,... more »

  • Dog Abuse

    I'm a little Boston Terrier dog,
    You don't understand what you do to me
    I often get lost in the bloody fog
    Can't you let me be who I want to be?... more »

  • Emptiness

    Emptiness inside,
    Emptiness all around.
    Friends try to fill it,
    But they never can.... more »

  • Hate To See You Cry

    When you cry you make me fall from your eyes,
    While I fall from your eyes I think of you.
    From all of the pain and all of the lies,
    You wish you could go back to being two.... more »

  • Left Alone

    Being in this cage makes me feel alone,
    My brother and my sisters don't like me
    So now I am left here all on my own.
    How come you people can't just leave me be?... more »

  • Life As A Road

    Twists and turns, ups and downs
    Different choices, paths to pick
    Over hills and down flat land, rocks and tar
    I chose mine, now you choose yours.... more »

  • Mémére

    I miss you
    Oh so very much!
    I was only two
    When you left.... more »

  • Put That Knife Down

    Put that knife down
    It does you no good.
    Causes you more pain,
    Causes you to lose your mind.... more »

  • Rain Drops

    Little drops falling from the sky
    Never want to harm a fly.
    They fall on me, they fall on you
    They even fall on things that go moo.... more »

  • Tears

    They stain my cheeks.
    They bring out my sorrow.... more »

  • To Fight A Beast

    I had a task,
    To fight a beast.
    Right in the middle
    Of a forest.... more »

  • To Much To Take

    My heart beats strong,
    But never strong enough
    To get through all this pain.
    I need help... more »

  • What Prayer Does

    I pray, pray to God.
    Pray for things to turn right.
    I feel ashamed,
    But know I know,... more »