• Jealous

    am jealous of the rain that touches your skin

    jealous of the moon that stares at you all night... more »

  • Just Friends

    i have felt love and pain
    experienced life and death
    i have cried and laughed
    in anger and happy times, tears were shed... more »

  • Love Lost

    of words not spoken
    of emotions not felt
    of time wasted
    of two people not meant to be with... more »

  • Maybe

    whisper nothing but still hear something
    sing duets like the lyrics are ours
    and walk our lifetime starting now... more »

  • Old Times

    and when i look back
    i'd see nothing...
    i'd feel nothing...... more »

  • When I Am Old And 56

    when i'm old and 56
    i'll buy me a new coffeemaker
    and brew the bitter away
    fill my cup with muscovado... more »

  • Whose Heart Do I Give This Love To?

    Whose heart do I give this love?

    To the morning sun who promises a life of fun
    To the laughter that never fails to warm the heart... more »

  • Wish

    wish i am the one who warms your chilly night
    wish i am the one you see in your morning light
    wish i am the moon who shares your lonely night
    wish i am the grass you set foot onyour rainy plight... more »