Emily Wilson was born in Ohio and grew up in Maine; she was educated at Harvard University and the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her collections of poetry include The Keep (2001); Morpho terrestre (2006), a limited-edition book with prints by Sara Langworthy; and Micrographia (2009). Poet James Galvin noted in the Boston Review that Wilson’s poetry matches “wildness of diction with precision of sense.”


Emily Wilson Poems

A Friend Like You

A friend like you to
Be there by my side when others are
Criticizing me and
Doubting me. You are there with me... more »

Red-Legged Kittiwake

Native it seems to no part
of the North American continent
but some islets off... more »

Small Study

Sparrows swiveling the feeder
so the seed whorls
so the dove can come from its fix
in the waver of cedars.... more »

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