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Just Poppin...

I pop open a bottle of beer and begin to shed a tear

I pop another pill and i no longer feel.... more »


'Truth...I really want to know the truth of exactly how you feel. I want to know if it's a game or if our love is real. I wish I could tell you that I think our love is right, but I know I can't do that because I feel your with someone else tonight.'

What is TRUTH? ! ...Is it a feeling? , a thought? , a belief? Does the truth really set us free or does it leave us wishing we hadn't found out the TRUTH nor told it in the first place? Would one rather hear the truth than believe a lie or believe a lie and NOT want to hear the truth?... more »


She wants to cry but the tears won't come...
what's wrong with her? ...Why is she so numb?
She's afraid to reveal the emotions she feels,
so she runs away from everything that seems too real.... more »

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