• A Beautiful Morning

    I think I saw you today
    as you drove right by

    I looked again... more »

  • A Moment

    euphoria was yesterday
    tripping along memory lane
    today is another day
    that begins into a series of... more »

  • And Other Times..

    Somehow it is so clear,
    the right path to take.... more »

  • Articulate..

    some things are better
    than seen
    or articulated... more »

  • Audience Of One

    i feel like i am all alone
    in this world
    it is you and me, alone... more »

  • Awaken

    I fell asleep
    reading poetry
    and awoke
    with the muses... more »

  • Baby..

    perhaps I did not let enough time pass by
    perhaps I could not let go the way I did
    why do memories assault me so..
    why cannot I let go?... more »

  • Blue To Gray

    little Xandy
    with eyes blue to gray

    little Xandy... more »

  • C M A

    that you do frighten me
    that i do frighten you too
    you disarm me
    you undo me... more »

  • Caress..

    softness of light
    and you are beside me

    breeze of sound... more »

  • Closure

    I got your text
    and called you
    You broke my heart
    with the things you didn't say... more »

  • Cold Spaces

    I want to feel
    your hand beside me
    your arm around my waist
    hand against my cheek... more »

  • Conflicted

    i'm looking for hotels
    for you to stay in
    when you visit... more »

  • Confusion

    sets in as the world twirls around me
    sets in as my axis is tilted as I speak
    as I think
    in every direction... I don't know what..... more »

  • Darling...Listen..

    I think of you often enough
    my wonderful land of Oz.
    fields of flowers
    aromatic and sweet... more »

  • Eventually

    brief moments of joy
    set out to capture me
    a feeling of wonderment
    in beauty awe... more »

  • Faces

    lately it's hard to wake up
    lately i'm not myself
    this deadened body
    pushes and prods... more »

  • Fragment

    don't leave
    i'll miss you
    a cornerstone of who i am
    you'll be so far away... more »

  • Happy Is..

    happy is
    as happy does
    I find myself floating on
    candy dreams when I am... more »

  • How?

    How did you know?
    that I was thinking about you this morning?
    How did you know?
    I was remembering the way you looked at me..... more »

  • I Am Me

    you are not all that is sunshine and rain..
    you are not the butterflies that alight
    on a flower
    the hummingbird come to say hello..... more »

  • I Heard You..

    Like a mantra repeating
    I heard you

    Like the song of a siren... more »

  • I Won'T. I Won'T.

    I won't call you!
    I refuse to call you!
    I won't go to that place where I'm
    on pins & needles until you answer the phone... more »

  • It Was Nice

    to have met you
    to have seen you
    seemed so surreal..
    like a dream I was having... more »

  • Itching..

    ... more »