• All The World's A Stage...

    Twisted with guilt;
    bleeding more than dry lips-
    I’m up to the hilt
    In this.... more »

  • North Wind

    I wish I could be lifted up
    and away with the winds;
    Above the world;
    above its woes -... more »

  • Nothing

    Nothing but the ticking of the clock,
    the non-stop,
    the irremovable blot;
    the ceaseless movement forward into... more »

  • Peaceful, Calming Seas

    I sail above your mirrored depths -
    the shades of jaded green;
    Caverns stretching endlessly -
    Tranquil and sub-marine.... more »

  • Time

    Flowing, moving, rushing, running through our veins;
    the breeze that uplifts the leaves is gone, again.
    The force that spurs the moon, to work the tides,
    to move the mighty seas.... more »