• My Best Friend

    If I picked up this gun,
    And put it to my head,
    Would you know why I did it?
    Would you mind that I was dead?... more »

  • My Type Of Love

    As beautiful as a rosebud,
    As ruthless as the sea,
    Strikes when no ones looking,
    Pretty as can be,... more »

  • Second Chance

    If I could have my life again
    I’d spend it all with you
    Live each and every moment
    In happiness for two... more »

  • The Minds Tricks

    Flashing through the darkness
    Haunting all your dreams
    Licking at your conscience
    Showing where it deems... more »

  • What Mates Are For

    Always they’re for you
    No matter what you say
    Never going to forget you
    No matter what the day... more »

  • Wrong

    If I didn’t feel what you thought I felt
    Would you care at all?
    If I didn’t love like you thought I loved
    Would you even call?... more »