• A Game Of Years

    Peeping through my window lintel
    I ran after the fading star
    That beeps his hands tentacled for my follow
    To lands unknown, unscathed.... more »

  • A Man’s World

    Out of angry earth came the King
    And there shall not be caressed
    When his feet rolls
    Back into his volcanic rage.... more »

  • Drums Of The Gods

    Through the glass my balls peep
    My knife dissects the sheet
    Cascading beneath the flying waters
    One thing held out … the drums of the gods.... more »

  • Jumbled System

    This Chameleon sang a song:
    It made different postulations
    Yet one and many is found
    Swindler and bandit define it... more »

  • My Bird

    I couldn’t wait to meet my singing bird
    As she ran along the corrugated leaf
    I couldn’t bear to see her fed
    But with everything, my hard earned sheaf... more »

  • Reminiscence

    A river flows to and fro
    The hill where Carmel struts
    Where ships come and go
    Not at night, but in shine... more »

  • The Complaining Tap

    They announce their need of me
    To cook their food and
    Clean their dirty mouths.
    They refuse to close my mouth.... more »

  • The Poet

    He’s a mortuary attendant
    His match, a whispering tidal flush
    Masquerading in nothing like suicidal tide
    Furthering hinterland the shellfish-diamond.... more »

  • The Point.Chuka.Emmanuel

    It’s today that I know
    That you’re unique
    In everything.
    In your speech... more »

  • To Find

    That I may view my lost trend
    I wring my face
    To retract my thoughts
    I stretch my eyes... more »