• A Freckle

    Frazzled from thoughts
    of a disdained world
    Festered with plagues
    and stanching dens,... more »

  • Afufu Uwa

    The skin is pale and scaly
    the many depths he walked
    shivering bones beg for penny
    hidden tears in roughened eyes... more »

  • An Unsaid Prayer

    To one beyond the sky
    to one that hear my sigh
    for sure you never cry
    that's why my patience try... more »

  • And I Go

    And i go to the wilderness
    with a heart of bitterness

    beyond the tarred roads... more »

  • Back To Base

    The sea roar in anger
    and spit forth heavy wind
    pulling rocks and stones
    threatening all inocent green... more »

  • Bimbo

    She turns heads limbo
    smiles like cruise in a limo
    her squeezy piles are jumbo
    the sight of angels' mirror... more »

  • Blue Chip

    The songs of war praise
    and chants of the brave
    with voices, deep voices
    of men with valliant sane... more »

  • Blue Constable

    And off your cloths you silly brath
    you good for nothing stinking rat
    i knew i trailed your dirty path
    now who will seal heavy fart... more »

  • Bolt And Nut

    The showers of tears
    dropping from the purple sky
    where all the mysteries lie
    where pain and hunger... more »

  • Brace Up

    Thanks to Abraham Lincoln
    Once possed a faiure icon
    but, now in every nation
    his democratic motion.... more »

  • Brothers Behind

    Wrapped in cold and smelly wind
    every scent was bathe in filth
    insect songs defile the night
    as we hope and dreamt of light... more »

  • Cape Goat

    Pushed to extreme cliff
    swore never to leave
    with hands held stiff
    the heart sunk deep... more »

  • Chat With Ukeria

    And even how she slept
    was more than sleeping depth
    the environs she kept
    i thought my spirit wept... more »

  • Chide

    The hero or the valiant
    who rules the parliament?
    everyone has a point
    even at the war front... more »

  • Circumvent

    Poundering hearts wont seize
    for fear is crawling in
    like feel of tender berley
    on the morning dew.... more »

  • Daddy Hits Mummy

    A song in married home
    like tiddens in the blue
    the turn of lively hope
    the marriage creed they blew... more »

  • Do It

    Why procastinate
    when time is running late
    dare to participate
    and hope a happy fate... more »

  • Elesee

    I remember how you look
    your memories never die
    i might not see you again
    but i sure can't let you go... more »

  • Far Beyond My Eyes

    Far beyond my eyes,
    above the many lies
    or truth if i must sigh
    i see the heavens cry.... more »

  • I Dont Know My Self

    I'm i one of his prodigy?
    yes, the great lord zeus
    the many chess of his hand
    picks at wish from archives of life... more »

  • I Will Survive

    I know the heat is doubled
    i know the spells are charming
    yet, i will survive.
    My thoughts are more confusing... more »

  • If I Could See

    If i could see
    with the eyes of many faces
    like waves on a calming sea
    reformining from all places... more »

  • Jingle Hell

    Sleeping tightly by my pillow
    popcorn edges on the window
    dramas playing back in turn
    awful paces now return... more »

  • Kvetch Anthem

    why was God so mean
    he made me look so knotty
    on every side i lean
    the walls will call me naughty... more »

  • Long Poem

    Many are dead
    and many still will die
    why they died
    and why they will surely die... more »