• Believe

    If I cut would you weep?
    Just encase I cut to deep
    What if I did but didn’t mean it
    Would you still believe you seen it... more »

  • Crash

    I’ve just been hit
    By two cars
    I feel my life flashback
    Though the hours... more »

  • Daddy Why Didnt You Stay

    The day that you died
    Was the worst day of my life?
    I just cried
    All through the night... more »

  • Darkness

    I dream in darkness
    I sleep to die
    erase the silence
    erase my life... more »

  • Death

    Im drowning in a pool of my own blood
    took this knife thought it was a dud
    turned out it was real
    now my face is pale... more »

  • Drunk

    You told me not to drink mum
    So I had sprit instead
    My intensions where good mum
    So how’d I end up dead?... more »

  • Emptiness

    People all around you
    Have to stop and stare
    Some will even wonder
    How those scars got there... more »

  • I Love You

    It’s like a rose pricking your thumb
    Or the beating of a drum
    When you look you see right through me
    This is because death came to me... more »

  • I Wish I Was An Angel

    I wish I was an angel
    So I could fly away
    I know I have to go
    To see a brighter day... more »

  • Life

    Laugh your heart out
    Dance in the rain
    Cherish the memories
    Ignore the pain... more »

  • Love

    love is good love is fine
    love is simply divine
    but when it rains on your love
    it flys away like a dove... more »

  • Memory Of You

    you tried to kill yourself last night
    you took a pencil an bit it tight
    you put the blade into your left arm
    you said you didn't do self harm... more »

  • Music Is My Life

    Music is my life
    Songs are my dreams
    Lyrics are my prayers
    The things in between... more »

  • My Class

    They call you names
    All day long
    They don’t care
    They just carry on... more »

  • Never Say I Love You

    Never say I love you
    If you don’t really care
    Never talk about feelings
    If they aren’t really there... more »

  • Tell Me I Won'T Die Mum

    Tell me I won’t die mum
    Tell me it’s alright
    Tell me ill be safe
    On this dark an stormy night... more »

  • The Bully

    There’s a girl in my class
    She thinks she’s class
    She calls me names everyday
    All she does is lie... more »

  • The End

    I worry day by day
    That you are going away
    I constantly fear
    The end is near... more »

  • Tonights The Night

    Tonight’s the night
    Im going to die
    Tonight’s the night
    I don’t know why... more »

  • What Colour Is My Poem

    What colour is my poem
    Is it black or blue?
    I asked someone once
    They said to ask you... more »

  • World Of Pain

    ... more »

  • You Can'T Scare Me

    If I stay with you here
    Would you promise me no fear?
    Or would you scare the shit outa me
    Just to see me suffer in misery... more »