hmmm, bout meself? not 1 to talk bout meself all the time, so idk wut to say. hmmmm... well, im 18, just turned so. i like jesus, and animals. i dont like ppl that much, only sum ppl. like nickel. i luv u, babe. always have always will. mwa. i like icecream. a lot. like more than shoes. my poetic idols r EAPoe, Suicide King, Nichole Webster and Frankie Renae. thats all i have 2 say now, sept that u shudnt litter. littering is bad. next time u want to litter, look around at all the f^cking trash ppl have thrown all over Mother Earth's pretty face, then shove that fizzing trash in ur pocket and eat some icecream. icecream makes evry1 happier. i want sum rite now, infact. escuzes mio im gonna go eat sum. bye
ps, Nichole Webster, u r indeed my soulmate. i love u and i dont give a f^ck who knows it. mwa. anyways, us wild flowers gotta stick together. me and u, always, DandyLion and MorninGlori.


Emo Seb Poems

I'M So Alone

I'm so alone, there's no one here
I'm so alone and I'm so scared
I sit by myself with no one to care
I bleed alone and I'm so scared... more »

I'Ve Awoken

I will not apologize
For buying the lies
That your beautiful eyes
Made it so easy to believe... more »

I Wish

I wish
I could hold your hand
I wish
We could do as we planned... more »

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Comments about Emo Seb

Nichole Webster 15 Jul 2008 10:45
i'm so excited for more of your poems! ! ! ! i cant wait. so hopeing for more i'm on the edge of my seat! ! ! !
Nichole Webster 10 Jul 2008 09:08
wow your the best. better than Edgar Allen Poe! ! ! (lin) his are long but vivid. i like urs better cuz they are short and i can follow them. (lin) hugs later