Emo Seb Biography

hmmm, bout meself? not 1 to talk bout meself all the time, so idk wut to say. hmmmm... well, im 18, just turned so. i like jesus, and animals. i dont like ppl that much, only sum ppl. like nickel. i luv u, babe. always have always will. mwa. i like icecream. a lot. like more than shoes. my poetic idols r EAPoe, Suicide King, Nichole Webster and Frankie Renae. thats all i have 2 say now, sept that u shudnt litter. littering is bad. next time u want to litter, look around at all the f^cking trash ppl have thrown all over Mother Earth's pretty face, then shove that fizzing trash in ur pocket and eat some icecream. icecream makes evry1 happier. i want sum rite now, infact. escuzes mio im gonna go eat sum. bye
ps, Nichole Webster, u r indeed my soulmate. i love u and i dont give a f^ck who knows it. mwa. anyways, us wild flowers gotta stick together. me and u, always, DandyLion and MorninGlori.