• Crimson Tears

    I sit here in my corner as my tears fall down
    My head is spinning with the blood in which I drown
    My heart is stained by the crimson tears falling from my wrists
    Which bare my pain in the form of slits... more »

  • Don'T Give A F*ck

    You guys take one look at me and think you know me
    Like a book, you judge me by my cover
    You say I’m stupid, weird, and crazy... more »

  • Echo

    These words, they echo inside my head
    These words, these words that you said
    Echoing, echoing until I’m dead
    My hearts beating, keeps beating, please stop... more »

  • Five Cents Richer

    I didnt think I'd be able to live witout you
    But here I stand
    Didn't think I'd make it on my own
    But I'm better than planned... more »

  • Hanging By A Thread

    i lie in my bed
    my heart pounds in my head
    my life hangs by a thread
    i'm almost dead... more »

  • I Wanna

    You make me wanna scream
    You make me wanna cry
    You make me wanna cut
    You make me wanna die... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish
    I could hold your hand
    I wish
    We could do as we planned... more »

  • I'M So Alone

    I'm so alone, there's no one here
    I'm so alone and I'm so scared
    I sit by myself with no one to care
    I bleed alone and I'm so scared... more »

  • Immunity

    I stand here all alone
    I stand here cold as stone
    I stand here almost dead
    Numb to pain, numb to dread... more »

  • Instead Of Tears

    I can't see the sun
    I'm trapped steadfast
    In the cold grey shadow
    Of my shady past... more »

  • I'Ve Awoken

    I will not apologize
    For buying the lies
    That your beautiful eyes
    Made it so easy to believe... more »

  • Mend My Heart

    I let my guard down and let you in
    Even though my heart told me not to
    The days since then have crawled by
    And still I haven't forgot you... more »

  • Mr. Fwoosh

    (this poem was written a long time ago, like last year, and i wasnt probly the most soberest of ppl at the time so if it makes no sense 2 u, no worries, kuz it duznt make that much sense 2 me either! lol)

    I love Mr. Fwoosh... more »

  • My Dying Request

    There's a time for everything
    A time to laugh, a time to cry
    A time for silence and a time to scream
    Atime to live and love and a time to die... more »

  • My Reflecting Refuge

    The world's going 'round
    But I'm just standing still
    Watching the blur pass by
    Hearing not a sound... more »

  • One Last Kiss

    Slipping away into the night
    Losing my mind to unreasonable fright
    Too weak to stand and fight
    If I can run, I think I might... more »

  • Shh...

    Can you keep a secret?
    Do you promise not to tell?
    You have got to keep it
    Where all secrets dwell.... more »

  • Tears Wasted

    ive cried over things
    that didnt really matter
    cried for everything
    whether i was sad or... more »

  • The Blade In My Hands

    the blade, cold in my hands
    it understands
    my pain i don't want to feel
    that the pain seems less real... more »

  • Til I See You Again

    I joke and I laugh
    I put on a smile
    I act like I’m happy
    But all the while... more »

  • Truth Be Told

    I aplaud your creativity
    How you come up with an excuse
    Any time something goes wrong
    Or to hide your numerous issues... more »

  • Without You

    You're part of me
    and without you
    i'm not whole
    you're my heart... more »

  • You Don'T Know Me

    ... more »