hmmm. what's to tell really,
I've been writting since I can remember.
Words are passion... they express love, anger, excitement, pain etc...

I find poetry to be the magic words to ones soul. You can get alot from a persons style of writing. As though the pen they use, is filled with the blood of the poet.

Please versifier's relent you hearts, come find me & we will will journey into the emotional depths together.


Empath In flames Poems

[3x2=6/3. As Two Becomes One]

As I meditate…
I Relinquish my consecration into abyss….
As I tune into my oneself,
I double the image of me.... more »

[medusa, My Queen]

She was judged through the minds,
As a tainted god.
An aura of outspoken
Ways to concede,... more »

[as I Turn To Stone]

As my hand gently embraces the clay,
I am reminded of a mortal calamity.
I drink to suppress the pain…
So many years spent,... more »

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