• ? ? ? Where Am I? ? ?

    Fragmented and distorted….
    The image I proclaim is only as strong... more »

  • [ I Walk ]

    Trying to live my life,
    One step at a time.
    Clearing my thoughts
    And erasing the human inside.... more »

  • [3x2=6/3. As Two Becomes One]

    As I meditate…
    I Relinquish my consecration into abyss….
    As I tune into my oneself,
    I double the image of me.... more »

  • [a Deadly Dream]

    I close my eyes,
    And await my dreams.
    To take me to another place,
    I am nervous.... more »

  • [a Killer Is Born]

    He’s body was numb,
    Frozen by shock.
    A child shouldn’t endure,
    Such pain….... more »

  • [a Statue Beast]

    An outcast watches this city by night,
    From a blacked stone he ascends
    As violet beams of light emerge,
    he’s statue self crumbles.... more »

  • [afterlife Vs. Normal Life]

    You washed your hands
    From reality.
    Hysterical, by your actions
    I had become…... more »

  • [alleys]

    I walk through empty alleys most my life,
    Running fingertips gently over these icy walls.
    They whisper stories of the history behind the scenes,
    Explain how streets contain chambers of lies... more »

  • [an Act In Decision]

    I can not believe it result to this.
    I feel dire, I relent to your submission.
    I played this scene, Many times before
    In colour view, To every precise detail... more »

  • [aphrodite, My Immortal Love…]

    She was all alone…
    Inside my eyes.
    As her scene cast a gentle
    haze of fuschia dreams.... more »

  • [artemis, The Hunt...]

    There’s something in your eyes.
    A glimmer of hope,
    Towards my malicious spinning lies.
    You smile as you stare,... more »

  • [as I Turn To Stone]

    As my hand gently embraces the clay,
    I am reminded of a mortal calamity.
    I drink to suppress the pain…
    So many years spent,... more »

  • [astral Humanity]

    As I lie here,
    Eyes unbolt shut.
    I am prepared to dream,
    Of what your chimera may be.... more »

  • [beytral]

    At my darkest hour I wait…
    I perpetuate this dieses of detestation.
    I stand in the shadows of time,
    Awaiting to prey among that are weak.... more »

  • [blanket Of Fear]

    Your heart slows down,
    To the sound of a bass drum.
    Your eyes express calm,
    And you obtain a clear mind...... more »

  • [blood Filled Letter Of Love]

    Blood Filled Love Letter….

    I've pricked my finger,... more »

  • [blood Rose]

    This Rose,
    Is the lamentation.
    Of my plastic face….
    I resort to sadness.... more »

  • [buried Alive....]

    He’s pale flesh, corrodes away…
    A morbid stare
    To he’s stagnant daze.
    Black filled eyes, and painted cries.... more »

  • [but This Is How I Feel]

    We appear to be symmetrical,
    Detrimentally joining into one.
    But as I look,
    Upon your face.... more »

  • [cancer]

    The night was long,
    I was unaware.
    My body had deceived me with a polluted curse..
    Tainted cells, the immaturity of those,... more »

  • [cheshire Cat]

    So many times these words have been erased.
    This paper has aged by the abuse of my hand.
    I picture what I wish to say,
    and still no words can express my wanted fray.... more »

  • [christmas Fear! ! ! ]

    He waits with a smile,
    Sitting by your bed.
    Drifting your mind,
    Deep into the land of dead.... more »

  • [clown Factory]

    I wish to grab your face,
    And pour darkness
    Into those brightly coloured eyes
    Can you see the world the... more »

  • [communication Breakdown]

    I stare at this piece of paper….
    Its silence replies,
    In such a bland innuendo,
    I have nothing to write….... more »

  • [control]

    If I controlled the If world...

    It would be flattening.
    To reconnect the belief!... more »