• Allure

    Will not provoke you anymore
    You were my allure
    No one knows blinding blizzard in me on coming
    Going you onto the fire of novelty dew... more »

  • Alone Morn

    Every morn is blossomed only for you
    I am born in just morn before your racy lorn
    Taste me found that I am your alone morn... more »

  • An Order

    We all are blind, an order is the glass of our blind eyes. An order utters its presence just to adorn the blind eyes and make an ego station to draw the limit faculty of the man's grocery. Order makes us in a scene that is known as a satisfaction. There is nothing to be satisfied as we are the result of nothing.

    Body, figure, structure, gesture are nothing but so called class room you know. Class room is the deep dark of the illiteracy. Illiteracy is bestowed on the autopsied match and so bubble intercept.... more »

  • Art Drama

    Its so laughing stock and peal pole for the deception. It is on vacant flow without father and mother. Art is able to appear at presence by the sprit of various semen. It is kept moving, defined and designed.Reality is QUITE afar so for. Dream term kisses her rain body on for and on Then. Though it is brisk sure that seen event in front of eye always unable to radiate the ray as for ray something. Only for that art is much more alive in the dream cottage.Specially art is the shadow of troll. And dole troll is very fanatic to the folk.So for this is the way to catch fish under the norm of dark by the surface of the art.
    In whole living smoothly is the best thought in the roaming gloom. So why colonial surgery art is essential?
    Essential, must essential to have valuable surpass to make the general servant by the name of fucked art!... more »

  • Belief

    Fire is born to burn
    But... more »

  • Devil

    God knows what is the power of devil
    Please carry on your hatred over me
    When your hatred will die on me... more »

  • Dream Chemisty Even The Dream World

    Dream world is dream. The matrix of the dream world is dream also.
    The moon comes in light with lit light. Lit light is her child. Just because moon is the lighter.... more »

  • Dream For Morn

    The day of born us is the day of dream
    Dream strolls along the puzzle
    Onto the thrill as for man of straw
    Dream for walk miles to miles... more »

  • Envelope

    Sometimes I feel like doing nothing. I don't want to live in the heaven or hell. What is the meaning of peace and agony? Just nothing.

    Everything is system, everything is somnolent, everything is Madeline going on atmosphere. A delicious food junction, a den without food some day live in the same house just for the demand of ecosystem. But what will be then?... more »

  • Eternal Prayer

    Am alive within the hope
    Gabbling is the earth food, notion mood
    Old earth will be gone over destruction
    There will be nothing to cite, nothing to watch... more »

  • Exam

    Exam is an structure and every structure based on power, power practice. And so seen power practice builds a den of classification, earthly gloom.
    As a result of classification a new devastated burn of thought has been come in our locality, then we have to face Adam and devil complex, Adam - devil hardship.
    Exam deserves quality at first, quality is the atomic something to make a huge difference between man and man.
    So why? quality is preferably urged! we need preferable life leading by born is the burning cause.... more »

  • Fair Of You In My Mind

    Fresh glass
    A clear glass makes a obstacle between your hand and my heart

    Last day you wrote a diary, last day you built a history, last day you said something on your Facebook but I was not there... more »

  • Famous Mistake

    Heard that man lives on hope. Found that hope is the bridge of man onto the walk of time. Time is a country where everything born not to ready to die. System of generating one after one, before after last.... more »

  • Feelings Factor

    ... more »

  • Flame Is King Queen

    Some man born to fight in search of light
    among the night
    Light is fair of fire fallow and unstained
    Flame walks and moves only to burn... more »

  • Hartal Konna

    Agony many a much afar to the eye
    Near to the nearest to the mind
    Hortal konna
    Eye made in made by the visual... more »

  • Hurley-Burly

    Sky of fan is the roof
    Sky of roof is the so called sky
    Sky, have you any roof yet either sky
    Think so Hurley- burly in time... more »

  • Leader

    ... more »

  • Let Me Do Love

    Just say
    If i say something
    Something like the word of love... more »

  • Let Me Study You You Are Letting To Have

    Dark night. Midnight too. Window is widow open. Sky is clear. The star is dazzling with his star. The cloud is playing trace conoid with his cloud. The starry air is weaving with his partner. I am so alone with my loneliness. Sometimes agony or gala makes a day for sable sublime.
    I love dark.
    I love midnight.
    I love moonlight just for soul of dark scoring within the moonlight truss.... more »

  • Lie For Lie

    A lie for lie makes the whole world dazzling dark. A lie is dark. A lie is killing operation against the sustenance. Only lie can make you great greater and the greatest. But not for the eternity for a time one. A bombastic lie and junk food family are same as burgeoning, but ill founded current - win and win situation here be not found.

    For a mosaic life one needs a musical job alike unveiling the dark face and that is mother of Pearl.... more »

  • Life Apart

    Child is just my native mate. But why is totally unknown to me. Either Aleksandr or Socrates is below simple in the child kingdom. Intention is their indeed zone. Bowing head is absent in the child syllabus. This topic charmed me very much.... more »

  • Life Epic

    ... more »

  • Light Tone

    Light has no sign, no deify to deign. History of the mixture is the history of light. Mater is the father of light. Very beginning father of the light is Zero.... more »

  • Literature Cosmology

    Literature is mother, motherly approach.
    When mother born she does join in rearing crystal job that is wholesome for her child.... more »