Enitan Onikoyi Poems

Our Millitary Boys

Up and down the Island of ours,
The boys have come to answer the call.
The Queen and country have summoned them,
To go to war for the nation's sake.... more »

African Leaders

African Leaders, I am sick of you.
You ought to be my shepherd,
And protect all my sheeps.
But you've turned to be a wolf.... more »

This Is Not The Time For A Rest

You look forward far beyond the horizon; you see how far you have to go; it is good now to double your pace if you can.
When you're climbing the mountain, it is high, rough and stoning, but you have to reach the mountain top.
You cannot give up now, the mountain top is closer than you think.
When it is time to take part in race, the important thing is not wining they say, but to take part in every game.... more »

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