• African Leaders

    African Leaders, I am sick of you.
    You ought to be my shepherd,
    And protect all my sheeps.
    But you've turned to be a wolf.... more »

  • Don'T Hurt Me If You Love Me

    Dont hurt me if you love me.
    Beating and kicking is not signs of love,
    Pulling my hairs and head boxing me.
    If you hurt the one you love,... more »

  • Don'T Stand Aloof

    We stand aloof and watch their crimes
    Taking the lives of leaders to be
    Just because they own the guns
    And the knives to scare us all,... more »

  • Global Warming

    The earth is dark, the sun is gone.
    Cloudy sky descend on earth
    Like a plaque upon our world.
    Nothing moves, the world is still,... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    A year ago, you were a kid.
    A lovely kid the world could have
    But now, already matured,
    Gracious, kind and full of life,... more »

  • It Is Not The Right Time To Go.

    Not tonight my Lord, not just yet.
    To die a youth, a curse it is.
    A wasted journey, a wasted birth.
    Will I leave all that I am, and all that I have,... more »

  • Landlords

    Bless is your house as you move in,
    Bless is your house as you walk around,
    Bless is your house as you cook and wash,
    Bless is your house as you take a rest,... more »

  • My Little Girl

    My little girl has come of age.
    She is the joy of life to me,
    Clever, kind and thoughtful too.
    Others she put before herself,... more »

  • Our Millitary Boys

    Up and down the Island of ours,
    The boys have come to answer the call.
    The Queen and country have summoned them,
    To go to war for the nation's sake.... more »

  • This Is Not The Time For A Rest

    You look forward far beyond the horizon; you see how far you have to go; it is good now to double your pace if you can.
    When you're climbing the mountain, it is high, rough and stoning, but you have to reach the mountain top.
    You cannot give up now, the mountain top is closer than you think.
    When it is time to take part in race, the important thing is not wining they say, but to take part in every game.... more »