• Beautiful

    Don't make me remind u'r beautiful.
    Every time I think, it's all about u.
    I wish to say, I can live without u.... more »

  • Life Is Just Simple

    Life is just simple
    I taught myself to live life as simply as ever.
    To do things that only makes me happy.
    To listen to music that I think it's good.... more »

  • My Friend

    I call u a true friend.
    Because u believe in me
    when the enemies blind me.
    U help me see... more »

  • Oh! Love

    The wound is still fresh.
    I wonder if it will ever heal.
    Things were so cool and on an even keel.
    What happened to our dreams?... more »

  • The Love We Share

    My love, i give my heart to you.
    I dream all night about the love we share.
    With you, everything is possible.
    this bond makes us inseparable.... more »

  • Who Am I To Judge U?

    Who am I to judge?
    Who am I to judge?
    When there is God out there,
    Who sees everything we do.... more »