• 22 In Manchester

    Hey, we 22 just came to hear Arianne Grande's great music,
    We 22 just came to hear the songs of freedom, in a free world,
    Instead now there are the songs of melancholy,
    We 22 are a mix of young people and more mature adults,... more »

  • A Man For All Seasons

    I am, I was, I'll be
    a man for all seasons.

    Thru thick and thin
    and floods and anxieties,... more »

  • A Puzzle

    Walking in the shadows of love
    Seems always clothed with uncertainty;
    Clouded passages and walls that hide
    True feelings of the heart... more »

  • A Blank Page

    What came you out to see in this wilderness, a reed shaken in the wind, or
    A blank page before the poet's muse appends his own ecriture?
    How can I change the sombre and melancholy into dancing feet?... more »

  • A Friend

    A heart of gold she has
    Sincerity etched upon her face
    Humility as a cloak she wears
    Solemnly going about life's task... more »

  • A Grain Of Sand

    in the monumental scheme of things
    i sit
    on the beach.... more »

  • A Lovely Rose

    I walked in a garden of flowers yesterday,
    At evening, when the sun's rays were receding behind the hill,
    and these beautiful creations of nature I so admired.
    There were sprawling chrysanthemums... more »

  • A Mystery Of A Mystery

    In deep contemplation have you ever sat down,
    And in your meditations, considered what a mystery is?
    The prophet Ezekiel saw in a vision a wheel within a wheel,
    But what about a parable within a parable,... more »

  • A Red Rose From The Scarlet Pimpernel

    Said a beautiful woman to the dashing horseman:
    After you've crossed the Channel,
    And saved another neck from the French guillotine,
    Of the Revolution, on your return,... more »

  • A Royal Princess

    A thousand living legends
    Could not compare!

    Even a Royal Princess... more »

  • A Word To The Wise

    That which is to be will be,
    Wait and you'll see,
    The eventuality of fate
    Perfect and exact, to the date.... more »

  • Abstract

    An abstract painting is so much an imitation of life,
    Insofar as it does not readily define something,
    Or what the artist is really trying to depict,
    But on closer examination the trained eye... more »

  • Agony

    My soul hung betwixt the great divide,
    As tension gripped my being entire.
    Why must man so much torture endure,
    In his quest for yon perfect stste?... more »

  • America

    Land of freedom and opportunity,
    Oh! Great colossus of the seas.
    How my heart reaches out to thee
    To experience thy pomp and greatness!... more »

  • Anna

    Hey girl, I just thought about you, and
    I write these lines just for you.
    You are so special to me,
    And I just want to hear your voice,... more »

  • Another Love Song

    What can bloom in its season like the flower of love?
    Its pretty hues like the rainbow after dawn,
    Its mesmerising scent like nature's perfume,
    Growing in the valley, at the side of the hill or in my heart.... more »

  • Another Royal Billet Doux(Meghan To Harry)

    End of November 2017.Allow me my darling to express my undying love again,
    For there seems to be something like a burning fire in my heart,
    For it appears that destiny has conspired to bring us together,
    And Cupid has been busy shooting his arrows.... more »

  • Aurora

    Like a fairy with flowers in her hair,
    I possess sweet remembrance of her.

    In the coolness of the September air,... more »

  • Aurora My Darling

    Awake Aurora! Awake sweet Aurora of the morning dew,
    Before sun's timorous rays have come, sweet Aurora,
    Darling of the morning, darling of the morning dew.... more »

  • Axis Of Love

    There's a beauty in the stars the wellspring of love,
    My epiphany of love reveals that love is in the gait of prince and peasant alike,
    What shall I bring you on this night when the stars illume the vast sky,
    And salted wind blows in from the ocean and deposits its smell on me?... more »

  • Bee Love

    ... more »

  • Black And Debonair

    I am black and debonair and sometimes I hide my feelings
    In the castle of my black skin.Behind the castle of my black skin I hide.
    The castle of my black skin shades me sometimes from the pain and cacophony of the outside world, its grief and worries and all the baggage of negativity.
    So behind the castle of my black skin, I live... more »

  • Black Nebula

    Black Nebula, like Nefertiti
    You command the banks of the Nile;

    Black negritude of the campus,... more »

  • Black Prince

    Hail Nelson Mandela!
    Hail thou black Prince
    Who has suffered so;
    Hail thou icon among men.... more »

  • Bleeding Heart

    My heart bleeds for the children of the future
    Who'll face a terrible dilemma

    Of shifting sands... more »