Sorry... but I don't quite trust strangers to know my story just yet, I'll only say that poetry (and literature in general) is a hobby and a passion I've nourished since I was 12 or so. Read my work and perhaps you'll decipher a thing or two about me. Don't hold your breat though, for I sumbit poems nearly once every 4 months or so.


Erasmo Rayon Poems

All And Nothing Again

Gray currents in the air

The wind passes along carrying nothing but the smell of breath
Eyes observe and focus in something else and nothing again... more »

The Legendary Beast

Warnings began at the dawn of the rotten land
The ground shakes probably to elude more threats
Evil perpetrated the land assuming the role of the eastern winds
Almost as an army, eager to conquer and longing for murder...... more »

Water Moon

Chilly, icy whispers falling through the sky
Closer yet afar from the fingers of my hand
Simple and in silence I watch them as they hide
From the sadness and the clusters of the man... more »

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