• All And Nothing Again

    Gray currents in the air

    The wind passes along carrying nothing but the smell of breath
    Eyes observe and focus in something else and nothing again... more »

  • Answers Of My Broken Hearts

    We stress these bridges forged beneath the cold gray sky
    We played in whispers spoken against absolved eclipse
    We shed more tears, regardless what we beg and try
    But we’ll never smile whether our hearts can glimpse... more »

  • Apology, My Love

    Come and see me, come and heal my drifting heart
    Come and see me, come and take me in your arms
    Come and save me, let me heal your drifting heart
    Come and save me, let me hold you in my arms... more »

  • Aureus Denarius

    Who deserves to be best?
    Who deserves to be tested?
    Oh, a beggar and a urchin
    Filthy and misery... more »

  • Existence

    As a lonely fragment
    I exist
    As an entity of unknown origin
    I exist... more »

  • Forgotten But Not Gone

    “Alone” is the peace I can’t fathom
    The unimpressive morrow that yields no sorrow
    “Alone” is the company that will not wallow
    The invisible friend that resembles no phantom... more »

  • Lesson From Long Ago

    From a restless beginning
    Till the upcoming end...
    From the endless 'long ago'
    Till the future 'will be'...... more »

  • No Words

    No words
    No words can speak

    Silence echoes... more »

  • Starlight Eyes

    My star, sparkling shine, radial eye lost in dark blue night
    Shooting sight, reflective bright, holy traces from pointless fight
    Light of night, unholy plight, beautiful hope of sacred light
    Hope in sky, obsesive lie, demise my song of what I thought was right... more »

  • The Legendary Beast

    Warnings began at the dawn of the rotten land
    The ground shakes probably to elude more threats
    Evil perpetrated the land assuming the role of the eastern winds
    Almost as an army, eager to conquer and longing for murder...... more »

  • Unrequited

    'Origin and end
    Cause and consequence
    Love is the beginning and the end of all thought
    The loneliness behind a tear... more »

  • Water Moon

    Chilly, icy whispers falling through the sky
    Closer yet afar from the fingers of my hand
    Simple and in silence I watch them as they hide
    From the sadness and the clusters of the man... more »

  • You Loved With A Goddess

    An angel spoke in tears inscribed on ink and paint
    She wrote a note concealed on capes of time
    Regardless her wings, never she proclaims a saint
    Neither was she a specter, worthy to demand a dime... more »