• Bleeding Soul

    How now my pain grows
    my heart bleeds at every beat
    growing in pain every second I wait
    I ask my self what should I do... more »

  • Crafted To Perfection

    the words from my lips as naked as the setting sun.
    the vision of my eyes as beautful as a new born child.
    the thoughts of my mind as pure as snow.
    the sound of my ears as insturmental as mother nature.... more »

  • Eternal Love

    My heart burns with fire
    as my eyes rain with desire
    my mind dies in passion
    as my body lives in satisfaction... more »

  • 'F' The Word Same

    whats with all the same
    whats with having to be the same

    same, same, same, same...... more »

  • Gamer

    time flows as mother nature poor her glow
    to and from game to game
    and who would of known such people live
    who would of know such promise it holds... more »

  • I Remember The Used

    I remember the used,
    The ones abused,
    Beaten to depression,
    Tears of pain,... more »

  • My Last Poem

    people take life for granted
    always thinking theres no pain
    hell even i have... more »

  • My Life

    cold and dark
    dirty and dry
    this my life
    this life i live... more »

  • Never Enough

    Everything I do seems to never be enough
    everything I say seems to fade away
    everything I am is never enough
    everything I'm not is what they make of me... more »

  • Only You

    i remember a dream of you and me smiling as the day goes by
    sunshine raining gumdrops kisses as the moonlight hours past me by
    i remember as if it was yesterday the day i saw your face
    smiling at me showing all kinds of love and it made me warm inside... more »

  • Stranger

    You found me one day
    In my cyber world online
    So distant and confused
    And in your thoughts... more »

  • This My Life

    the world so big, dark, and lonely
    my past so long and hard
    my furture far away, my furture so dark
    that light in the darkness to far to reach... more »

  • To The One I Love

    when nobody trust you
    I'll always give you a second chance
    when nobody believes you
    I'll always stand by you... more »

  • What Is Love

    love comes in many shapes and sizes
    but for me love is not still
    love is not kind and last
    love is always there... more »

  • What Is Poetry?

    I wonder through the days
    What this tickle is
    This tickle in my head
    It comes and goes... more »

  • Who Am I? ? ?

    I walk through my day
    Lost and confused
    Always thinking, thinking this
    Who am I... more »