• Framed

    They say pictures speak a thousand words,
    But I now wish they were silent.
    They are memories of the past,
    The past I sometimes wish was forgotten.... more »

  • Home

    Home is where your memories are,
    It’s where your secrets are kept.
    Home is where you’re happiest,
    Yet home is where you’ve wept.... more »

  • In This Life And The Next

    When all is said and done one day,
    In a cold, dark grave you will lay.
    I’ll turn to you and say “I’m sorry dear,
    But I’m kinda happy you’re finally here.”... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Max

    Perhaps the greatest man I’ll ever know,
    With brain and brawn he battled many foes.
    Marine, husband, father, and gardener too,
    Not a thing in this world he could not do.... more »

  • Options

    The option is a veer-type offense,
    Simple for any player to understand,
    But football was not just a game to me,
    Football is what’s made me a man.... more »

  • Racing Hearts

    A first kiss,
    awkward as it can sometimes be,
    let me know she was special when she locked lips with me.
    Not a word... more »

  • What I Hope Heaven Looks Like

    They say heaven is the place where dreams come true.
    Well then heaven, for me, looks just like you.
    I had never exactly dreamt of your face,
    I dreamt of your beauty, your style, your grace.... more »