Eric Kaesberg Biography

My grand farther Harold Kaesberg made a good living when he started
writing poetry. He wrote 3 books in all 1 being a best seller called
" Meadow of my Mind" . What a cool name for a poetry book.
I am not triyng to follow in his foot steps but I do feel my poetry
is more about someones life. Usally a sad experince they are facing
or trying to make sence of. There is only 1 poem I wrote that was
based on fantasy, The Eagle and the Dove. My favorite because its
more about mercy and what could of happened. The Eagle just normally
would of killed and had him for lunch. Instead gave fair warning and
try it again you will end up in my nest for dinner. Check it out it
has humor as well as I believe could be true thoughts. I wanted to
thank everyone for there support and I hope you get something out of
my writings. I put life and allow the poem to give you a yeah I know
or I knew some one who is living this right now. More good stuff to come.
Thank you Eric K More good stuff is coming I promise