• A Life Of Glass

    I pick up a light bulb and fill it with glass
    i melt it away
    then fall on my ass
    my troubles are gone... more »

  • Another Year

    another year
    another reason to die
    ive watched all the pieces fall away
    ive lit the fire the burned the holes... more »

  • Can'T Make The Cut

    Seems in this world nothing is ever good enough
    Nothing can be up to par to what they want
    Even when your life is tough
    No one will care about you rather what they want... more »

  • Evil

    I thought they cared
    I thought they could actually see through the shade
    I didn't know that they were truely blinded
    Blinded by the cloud of lies that people produce... more »

  • Once Upon A Time; I Had Something Inside

    Once Upon A Time

    once upon a time there was a love inside
    the one i loved... more »