• Arrowhead

    Sometimes I want to know who I am she said.
    I am more than the Scottish clan that gave me its name to wear.... more »

  • Autumn Prayer

    Now bring to me a dropp of sun
    And the shadow where you stand.
    I simply want to hold them
    In the shelter of my hand.... more »

  • He Was Tired

    He was tired. The summer had drained his strength.
    The hours pulled like weights on his hands
    and the tall prairie grass was bent.... more »

  • In These Far Places

    Evening, in these far places,
    Hangs above the fields like a ghost.
    The uncut grain bends
    In soft echo to the wind.... more »

  • Landscape

    He left the scrubland
    And climbing the rise of a hill
    That rose like a belly of soft grass
    He stood up on a ridge that ran in a semi-circle... more »

  • On This Great Plain

    On this great plain a gathering wind rises
    from where the first hills touch the tall grass.
    Bending beneath the sweet breath
    Of this new lover,... more »

  • The Shadow

    Come, he said, let us take the last sunlight
    And walk together to where the night
    Waits like a stranger by the road.
    She took his hand and measuring his pace,... more »

  • There Is A Sadness

    There is a sadness
    That stretches from the corner of life
    Like a parade to the borders of the world.
    There is a field, a few houses and some children... more »

  • Toronto Airport

    Her fingers, long and impossibly beautiful,
    Raised an early morning coffee cup... more »

  • Two Women In A Field Of Grass

    Two women in a field of grass
    Holding hands at night,
    Left with right and right with left,
    Their fingers intertwined.... more »