• 3 Simple Words

    3 simple words to expalin you,
    3 simple words to show you how I feel,
    3 simple words that keep me alive for you.... more »

  • A Letter To My Crush

    I wished you would look at me the way you look at her,
    never will she notice that when you're staring off into space you're thinking of her,
    She can't see you the way I do!... more »

  • Area 8 In Love.

    Area 8,
    the night I'll never forget,
    the things I'll never regret.... more »

  • Perfect

    I'm sorry.

    Who knows the real meaning of perfect,
    When it's too late,... more »

  • 'The Happeist Day' - Edgar A. Poe

    The happiest day - the happiest hour
    My sear'd and blighted heart hath known,
    The highest hope of pride and power,
    I feel hath flown.... more »

  • The Hate, The Viloence

    The hate,
    The Violence,
    always here,
    always fear,... more »