• Be Real With Yourself

    ... more »

  • Fool?

    You make me sick, yes
    You take me for a fool I guess,
    Your evil ways, and lying tounge
    My days with you, I swear are done!... more »

  • Nightmare

    Running, taking in every breath as fast as I can
    No one to save me....No one to take my hand
    I can't turn around, I won't look back
    He'll catch up with me, I know for a fact... more »

  • One

    his hands
    his eyes
    his voice
    his lips... more »

  • Your Love

    It won't matter to me if no one loves me,
    but if you didn't love me.....I'd have no life!
    In my life it's beautiful-only because you are in it,
    what would I do without you? .....I don't know........ more »